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Augusta Senior Photo Locations

Finding the perfect Augusta senior photo location can be difficult if you haven’t spent the time scouting out locations. There are so many fun spots that make for beautiful backdrops. And a lot of them are total hole in the walls! Lucky for you, as an Augusta senior photographer I have done the scouting! These are just a few of the spots available for your senior pictures!!

Vibrant Wall Art

Add a pop of color to your senior pictures with local wall art! When looking for wall art, I like to focus on the colors in the murals, rather than the depictions and images in it. In the majority of your photos, you wont get the entire piece of art. So, by focussing on the colors and how they compliment your outfit and skin tone, you will achieve a more cohesive senior picture.

On The Water

Augusta may not be right on the ocean, but we have plenty of streams, rivers and lakes to play in! Find a spot on the water that you love for your senior pictures. This may be at the Savannah Rapids on the Savannah River, or you may find a darling pier on a public lake! No matter the spot, getting on the water is always a good idea!

Home Sweet Home

Of all the senior photo locations nothing beats staying close to home! Or, close to someone else’s home. Georgia is filled with stunning historic neighborhoods with charming features around every corner! Opt for a more down to earth and casual vibe as you stroll a neighborhood for your Augusta senior photos!!

On Top Of The World!

Embrace the cityscape from on top of a parking garage for a fun urban backdrop. Parking garages have become more popular for senior portraits over the past two years, and for good reason! They are super easy to access and add a little more excitement to your senior pictures! In addition, it is a great backdrop for both casual outfits and more formal looks.

Gardens & Parks

You can’t go wrong with having your senior pictures in one of Augusta’s many parks and gardens!! Each park has it’s own unique features and landscaping. You just have to decide which one you like best! I always suggest opting for a park or garden that has some kind of architectural quality. This will allow you to add variety to your gallery and add more interest in your photos.


Photographing you and your town may just be one of the most sentimental senior picture ideas ever! This is the place you grew up in, with so many people you know and love!! As well as memories that will last a life time. Taking your Augusta senior pictures downtown is a way to commemorate your home town while celebrating your accomplishments!

Ready for your Augusta Senior Photoshoot? Reach out and let’s make it happen!!


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