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Senior Influencer Team With Puddle Jumper Pup

Working with seniors is always so much fun! In addition, I love working with different brands to help build their portfolio with brand photography. So, when I get to do both I am over the moon!! That is why I created the Senior Influencer Team where I can do BOTH! This session with my senior influencer team and Puddle Jumper Pup was one of my favorites to date, and I cannot wait to tell your all about it!

Senior Influencers

Every year I work with a team of Senior Influencers and together we create content magic! By being part of my team they get so many perks, but I wanted to take that one step further!! To help empower and inspire, I have created a way for my seniors to learn more about working with brands. As well as how to get brand deals! This shoot was a result of just that!

small yorkie in a park with a. yellow bow tie collar and a cute leash for brand photography

Puddle Jumper Pup

When Puddle Jumper Pup reached out to me I was so excited to get to capture there custom dog collars, leashes, harnesses and so much more! This brand is one-of-a-kind with colorful handmade items for your furry friends. They even have seasonal collars and leashes, so that your pup can be decked out with holiday gear!! With dozen of functional and fashionable options, you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Check out Puddle Jumper Pup on Instagram!

brand photography young girl in a red dress holding a white dog while it wears a colorful collar and lilac leash

I had my influencer team send me their dogs measurements beforehand, so that Puddle Jumper Pup could bring the correct sizes for each dog. They were amazing and brought 2-3 different patterns and styles for each dog to try on. This gave their gallery so much variety to really show off their brand!

What was most impressive about this brand photography session was how well the dogs behaved! We met at a local park for the photoshoot that featured simple paved paths and lush pines. Each dog was so happy to be there and excited to meet everyone! Not to mention, they all looked amazing in their Puddle Jumper Pup collars and leashes. The photos speak for themselves!

Want to know more about my influencer team? Or maybe you are ready to invest in some brand photography? Reach out!

owner holding her white dog who is wearing a Puddle Jumper Pups leash for some brand photos

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