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What Is A Micro Influencer?

My favorite part of being an Augusta photographer and working with seniors is my influencer team! I always end up with the best teams and have an awesome time teaching them all about working with brands and scoring deals for their future portfolios!! Part of being in my Senior Influencer Team is learning to work with brands to enable you to build your portfolio as a micro influencer. But, what is a micro influencer? And how will learning how to become one benefit you?

What Is A Micro Influencer?

A micro-influencer has a social media presence on one of the many platforms. Each influencer typically has one or two platforms that they work best on! However, no matter the platform their following is larger than a normal person’s, but smaller than a celebrity’s. This is usually between 1,000 and 100,000 followers.

Being authentic is your currency as a micro influencer. Being an influencer online gives you the power to change people’s behaviors! This could come from your relevant expertise in your area of expertise, your community repute, as well as personal relationships with other influencers and brands. These relationships are crucial as 91% of all businesses use content marketing, which includes working with micro influencers!!

Why Do Brands Want To Work With Micro Influencers?

Typically micro influencers have a more genuine connection and more interaction with their followers. This may be because their audiences consist of many people they know personally outside of social media! With this type of relationship with their followers there is more trust in the influencers recommendations. Because they offer a smaller network of connections that are built on trust, the brand is more likely to have consistent and long term sales.

Did you know that it’s possible to make $200-$1000 a month with a small following by creating content for other brands? This is part of the reason I love to teach my teams how to work with brands as a micro influencer! It is so much more than taking pretty pictures, its a way to create a business to carry into the next stage of life!!

How Does This Apply To My Team?

As an Augusta photographer I am passionate about working with my seniors and teaching them everything I know about working with brands! Part of being on my team is not only learning about influence, but also helping you navigate that in a safe and professional manner. I provide opportunities throughout the entire year to level up your online presence and work with brands that you love!

In addition, I teach you how to professionally communicate as brands reach out to work with you as well as how to contact brands. Setting you up for future success as you begin to build your portfolio through brand photoshoots we do as a team! Your photos will be shared on all social media and marketing platforms from that brand. This also gives you exposure and material to show future brand deals!! I also create a media kit with you featuring all of the brand photos we took together throughout the year!

Want to know more about becoming part of my senior influencer team? Reach out and let’s chat!


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