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Augusta Photographers Senior Application

Having the opportunity to be part of my senior influencer team comes with so many perks! But, there is definitely a process to becoming one of my senior influencers. From applying and signing up, to meeting in person and having our first team shoot. The senior application process is simple, and in the end you will be so glad you signed up!

Why Join?

Being a senior influencer with this Augusta photographer is so much more than just taking a few pretty pictures!! I will teach you all about working with brands, scoring deals and how to be a micro-influencer. In addition we will build your portfolio together! So that when you leave high school you will have experience working with brand under your belt with a portfolio to prove it!! To learn more about the perks head over here!

photographers in Augusta Georgia photographer outdoor senior pictures with girl in a white jump suit leading against a blue door

Senior Application Process

So, you think being one of my senior influencers sounds up your alley? Let’s get you a head start with the application process! Here is everything you need to do to secure your spot, as well as what comes after!!

  • Sign up for my VIP list! This will get you updated emails that will notify you when applications open, as well as when I have promotions going on!!
  • Mark your calendars!! Applications open on December 16th and close on January 1st.
  • On January 1st look for an email. I will send out a sign up for meeting times for all applicants!

outdoor senior pictures with girl in a garden wearing a white blouse taken by Augusta photographer

Our Meeting

I like to meet all of my seniors in person before we sign you up for my senior influencer program. This gives us time to get to know each other and set expectations for the year! There will be two meeting day options for you and your parents to chose from. It will be at my studio and we will go over all the information you will need about the team, pricing and your responsibilities! A parent or guardian must be in attendance at this meeting.

Another perk to meeting in person is getting you some swag!! Any applicants who sign up the day of our meeting will receive team swag! Everyone who attends the meeting will also be entered into a giveaway a metal print! Then after our meeting and sign up, we will have our first shoot in March 2023 to kick off the year!!

Are you ready for your senior application?! Sign up here!


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