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My Senior Photography Editing Style

  1. Vibrant and uplifting: My editing style emphasizes vibrant colors and contrast to enhance the overall mood and atmosphere of the images. I use bright tones and bold color palettes to create a sense of positivity and energy.
  2. Natural and authentic: While enhancing the visual appeal of the images, my editing style prioritizes maintaining a natural and authentic look. I avoid overly heavy or artificial editing techniques, opting instead for subtle adjustments that preserve the genuine essence of the moments captured.
  3. Playful and creative: Given my focus on creating a fun and enjoyable experience for my clients, my editing style incorporates playful and creative elements. This includes experimenting with unique effects, compositions, or artistic techniques to add an element of whimsy and creativity to the images.
  4. Consistent and cohesive: My editing style maintains a consistent and cohesive look across all the images, reflecting my signature aesthetic and branding. Whether through color grading, tonal adjustments, or stylistic choices, I aim to create a unified visual identity that sets my work apart.
  5. Client-centric approach: My editing style is influenced by the preferences and feedback of my clients, ensuring that the final images reflect their vision and personality.

Overall, my editing style is characterized by its ability to enhance the beauty and authenticity of photography while reflecting my client-focused approach and commitment to creating a positive and enjoyable experience.


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