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Augusta Photographers Favorite Senior Picture Props

Adding personal touches and getting creative in your Augusta senior pictures is what makes your gallery unique and stand out! That is why as an Augusta photographer I always encourage my seniors to express themselves through fun props, in addition to outfit and location changes. These are my favorite senior picture props for totally unique and fun photos!


Balloons are such a fun addition to senior photos, and can be used in so many ways! One way to add movement to your images is by holding a bunch of helium balloons as they blow in the wind. This adds movement, color, whimsy and excitement to any picture! I absolutely love how this senior (below) matched her outfit perfectly to her balloons for a vogue look!!

Disco Ball

Disco balls are coming back and I am here for it! Add a little sparkle to your senior session with a medium sized disco ball for this senior picture props. I love playing with the light as it bounces off the ball off camera. As well as having my seniors hold the disco ball for a fun party vibe no matter where their session is taking place!! Don’t have a disco ball – don’t worry!! I have several to chose from! 🙂

young woman posing for her senior photos while holding a disco ball and standing in the sunshine as the disco ball glitters in the light

Your Pet!

Bringing your favorite things to your senior session is always a great way to add a bit of a personal touch! And what better to bring than your pet?! They will have a blast wandering around a new place and you will end up with the most darling pictures. Pro Tip: If you do decide to bring your pet, be stocked up with treats, a leash, their favorite toy, and water!

School Swag

Your Augusta senior pictures should be all about this season in your life. And let’s face it, this season of life kind of revolves around school! Bring your current school, or future school, swag along! This can be flags, jerseys, t-shirts, acceptance letters, and so on. Anything that reps your school will add a unique touch to your senior pictures!


For all my flower girlies out there, here is your sign to bring a bunch of florals to your senior session! As an Augusta photographer I adore getting to work with flowers whenever I can. There are so many ways to incorporate flowers into senior pictures that are absolutely stunning!! This senior photoshoot (below) is a great example of how to get a ton of variety in a single gallery. Combining different flowers with different outfits makes every location look like a new session!

Soda Bottle

A new trend that we are all vibing with is using a soda bottle as a prop. It is so casual and a little vintage, giving a truly unique and fun look. And the best part is, you can use it anywhere and with any outfit!! I love how this senior (below) held her soda bottle as she walked around her school’s grounds and football field. It is a little detail that made her session unique and lively!!

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