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Augusta Photographers Secret To Making The Most Of Your Senior Session With Locations

One of my favorite things about being an Augusta photographers is literally making magic happen!! So often my clients will look at their images on my camera during our session, or their gallery afterwards, and be amazed with the final product! The tip to making the most of your senior session is simple, yet so overlooked. I am here to share my simple secrets to creating the best senior gallery for you with locations!!

Location Change

For senior sessions I offer multiple location options. These can be spots that you are excited to shoot in, or I can share my favorite locations in the area! Consider what type of vibes you want for your senior photos. And then decide on a location based on that.

Summer really wanted to get a rural, dirt road kind of vibe. So we started our shoot at Recliffe Plantation in Beech Island, SC. And we definitely accomplished exactly what she had been dreaming about!! We took a few photos in a open grass field, near the lush trees and through the dirt roads.

Now, here is the simple secret with locations that I want to share with all my seniors and Augusta photographers. Make your second location totally different from the first! For Summer’s second location we decided on going into downtown Augusta near the theatre. While on our way to the theatre I noticed some construction near by, so I had Summer pose near the work zone. This gave her a cool urban look to her gallery, really mixing things up!

Augusta Photographers

I loved how in the moment she wasn’t to sure about where we were and the poses we did, but once she saw them behind the camera, and then in her final gallery- she absolutely loved them!! 

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