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Branding Photoshoot With Volume Beauty Lounge

Working with businesses like Volume Beauty Lounge in Augusta is one of my favorite parts of being a brand photographer! Everything about this local business is fantastic!! From the kind stylists, to the gorgeous building. You really can’t go wrong when you choose to treat your self at Volume Beauty Lounge! And their branding photoshoot was an absolute dream for this Augusta photographer!!

Business Space

One of the first things that I will capture in a branding photoshoot for a physical location is the actual business space! These images are awesome for your website, Google My Business posts and so much more. It will give your potential clients an understanding of your space, allowing them to feel comfortable in it before they even arrive!

Volume Beauty Lounge has really taken their business to the next level when it comes to the comfort of their clients!! They have the cutest lounge area that is decorated with a trendy and minimalistic style. I love the attention to detail they have taken for every little thing in their salon!


Every business is different, but if you have any type of products that elevate your clients experience, then we want to photograph it!! Whether its a wedding cake for a bakery, or hairspray for a salon. Displaying your products on your social media and website allows viewers to acknowledge the quality of your products and gain trust with your business.

Team Photos

Most businesses come to me as a branding photographer for photos of their team. Which are probably the most important pictures that you can have taken in your branding photoshoot! Not only is it nice to have photos to document the history of your business and team. But, it is also critical in forming a relationship with clients!! Getting familiar with the faces of the business before a client arrives can calm nerves, build trust and set expectations.

I personally know Abi, the owner of Volume Beauty Lounge as she has been my stylist for the past two years! She also does hair and makeup for my seniors, as well as another stylist Meg. I love these ladies and the excellent service they provide for my seniors in addition to so many others in the area!!


In addition to team photos, I will provide individual headshots. These can be used on your website’s about page, business cards, social media profile pictures and so much more! By giving your team individual headshots, you are doing so much more than just building your brand. You are allowing your team to continue their professionalism through different networks, as they share their headshots.

I love getting to take professional headshots in the location of a business because it can add so much personality to the images! With Volume Beauty Lounge we got a few traditional headshots, as well as some fun ones! We used different products and tools in the salon as props to add a more personalized look!!

Ready to level up your business with a branding photoshoot?! Reach out and let’s do this thing!!


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