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Summer Senior Picture Outfits

Summer is almost here! And with the warmer weather, it is the perfect time to capture your summer senior pictures before the school starts back up! It’s the perfect time to those wear skirts, sleeveless tops and dresses. The school year can be so busy so it is the perfect time for senior photos in the summer!

Pop Of Color!

I will never tell you to avoid color in your summer senior picture outfits! A pop of color always adds a touch of personality to your photos and can really compliment your surroundings, as well as you! I especially love when seniors incorporate pink in outdoor sessions, as it adds a beautiful contrast between the scenery and you. Really giving you a pop in your pictures!

Keep It Simple

On the other hand, consider keeping it simple with a little white or black dress. These pieces are classics, that you probably already have in your closet. In addition, they don’t make as loud of a statement, allowing all the focus to be on you!! Not to mention, there are so many silhouettes and styles, that it will be easy for you to find something that still shows off your personality!

School Swag

This one is iconic!! And will never go out of style. Bring a school shirt, either from your current school or for your new college. And then pair it with literally ANYTHING! A pair of jeans, shorts, a skirt, even throw it over a dress and tie it in a little knot at the waist. This is a great way to represent where you came from or where you are going!

Everyday Wear

Your senior pictures should show off who you are, and that includes your style and personality! And what better way to represent yourself than to wear your favorite outfit?! For your senior picture outfits consider wearing something that you can be spotted in at school or on the weekend. Something that you feel completely comfortable in and shows off your style at this time in your life!

No matter what you decide to wear for your senior pictures, I am here and ready to capture YOU! Graduating is a once in a lifetime experience that deserves to be documented. Reach out let’s do this thing!!


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