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Introducing 2024 Senior Influencer Team

With the school year wrapping up and the Class of 2024 approaching senior year, I am excited to introduce our 2024 Senior Influencer Team! Being one of my influencers gives you an experience beyond senior pictures. As an Augusta photographer I provide you an opportunity to build your portfolio, as well as offering you skills, knowledge, and connections for the future! Want to join my team next for 2025 Seniors? Click here!

About The Senior Influencer Team Shoot

The focus of our initial photoshoot together as a team is to get to know each other! We had one date scheduled for all the girls to attend, but the weather had other plans for us! It was very difficult to get these busy young ladies together again for one date, so we decided on two dates and split the group into two separate photoshoots. And let me tell you, the 2024 Senior Influencer Team is out of this world!! It was so much fun getting to know everyone and their individual personalities. I am also obsessed with how well everyone did in this shoot, and how stunning their images turned out! Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. Now, let’s get into meeting out current Senior Influencers!
















Senior Influencer Team

I love the overall vibe of this shoot, as well as all the fun we had while doing it! And am so excited for this year with my 2024 Senior Influencer Team. I can already tell that this is going to be a really amazing group, and I can’t wait to get started with creating portfolios, building skills and so much more!

If you want to get ahead of the curved and start your application, go ahead and reach out!


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